Christmas Letter 2016

Dear Parent/Carer

We are nearing that very festive time of year and here at Joseph Swan Academy we wanted to ensure you are informed of our activities and events which are taking place during the penultimate and last week of term in addition to providing first class teaching and learning.

As always on the penultimate Friday of term on Friday 9th December at 3pm we will be having a Christmas ‘Bake Off’ for parents/carers with their children.  Thank you for registering your interest for this activity. I know that this has once again been oversubscribed so we will look at putting additional activities of this nature on in 2017.  If you would like to be involved in the future please do contact Mrs Peverley via

This Year for a number of different reasons including funding for transport our Joseph Swan Academy Carol Services will be held within the Academy. This will as always, however, be a traditional Carol Service with readings and Carols telling the story of the Nativity.

After each Carol Service, students, in their Year Groups, will participate in the Joseph Swan Academy Christmas Lunch. This is an event we started three years ago and is a way for our students to celebrate Christmas in a traditional family way in their own tutor groups.  This will as usual be celebrated in true family style with tutor groups sitting and eating together with their tutor. This event will take place in the Main Hall. Thank you for supporting the Academy financially with this this year.  A reminder that the dates for the Year Groups will be as follows:

  • Sixth Form – Thursday 8th December 2016
  • Year 9 – Friday 9th December 2016
  • Year 7 – Monday 12th December 2016
  • Year 8 – Tuesday 13th December 2016
  • Year 10 – Wednesday 14th December 2016
  • Year 11 – Thursday 15th December 2016

If you would like to withdraw your child from the Carol Services and/or the Christmas Lunch please do contact the Academy’s Administration Manager via or 0191 4422004.

On Friday 16th December I hope the entire Academy will join me in our now traditional ‘Christmas Top (Jumper or T shirt) Day’.  Students and staff are all encouraged to join in with this event. Students and staff will be able to wear ‘normal clothes’ for this day. A small donation will be made for our charitable collection for Save the Children and Joseph Swan Academy.

As you can see we have an array of activities for our young people as well as continuing to provide first class teaching and learning throughout the month of December.  We will end our term this year on Friday 16th December at 12.30pm with scholar’s buses being available for our students to use at this time. If the finishing time is an issue regarding childcare arrangements please do contact the Academy’s Administration Manager via or 0191 4422004 and we will arrange supervision for your child until 2.50pm.

We look forward to welcoming our students back in the New Year on Tuesday 3rd January at 8.35am well refreshed for learning.

Let the festivities commence,

Yours faithfully

Miss H. E. Scott
Head Teacher

Examination Certificate Collection

Dear Parent/Carer

I am very pleased to say the examination certificates for the 2016 Examination series are available for collection from the Academy.  These can be collected during the week commencing Monday 21st November from 10am to Friday 25th November 2016 at 12noon.  Former students can receive these from Mrs Price Academy Examination manager from 10am on this date.

Former students are reminded that they must bring in photographic identification to enable them to collect the certificates.

We wish everyone the best of luck for the future.

Yours faithfully

Miss H. E. Scott
Head Teacher

Roald Dahl Day

Roald Dahl 1What a fabulous day Roald Dahl Day was! Students of Years 7, 8 and 9 really revelled in reading in order to commemorate this very celebrated author. Students in Year 7 were treated to lessons that celebrated the life and work of Roald Dahl, which included: making fruit batteries in Science from giant peaches; looking at 17th century witches in History and how they compare with those in Roald Dahl’s book; looking at how to ‘throw like Trunchball’ in PE – amongst many other things.

All throughout the day, students were able to listen to Matilda being read aloud by Kate Winslet and were able to vote for Joseph Swan’s favourite Roald Dahl book – the winner being Charlie and The Chocolate Factory!

The main event was ‘Willy Wonka’s Fabulous Book Swap Shop’. Students brought in many of their old books that they had already read, Roald Dahl 2and were able to exchange them for a different book of their choice. Ms Gilhespy and Mr Lamb were simply stunned by the participation and the surge of students that came to use The Reading Room in order to exchange their books!

All in all, it was a great day that everyone thoroughly enjoyed!

Key Dates

Dear Parent/ Carer

We invite you to make a note of the following key dates for your diary for the forthcoming Academic Year:

Term Dates

Term Dates First day of term Last day of term
Autumn Term Tuesday 6th September 2016 Friday 21st October 2016
Autumn Term Monday 31st October 2016 Friday 16th December 2016
Spring Term Tuesday 3rd January 2017 Thursday 16th February 2017
Spring Term Monday 27th February 2017 Friday 7th April 2017
Summer Term Monday 24th April 2017 Friday 26th May 2017
Summer Term Monday 5th June 2017 Friday 21st July 2017
Academy Training Dates (Confirmed) Monday 5th September 2016
Friday 25th November 2016
Friday 17th February 2017

Progress Evenings

Date Event Times
Monday 3rd October 2016 Year 5 and 6 Open Evening 6pm – 8pm
Monday 10th October 2016 Year 7 Progress Evening 4pm – 7pm
Monday 19th June 2017 Year 7 Progress Evening 4pm – 7pm
Monday 12th June 2017 Year 8 Progress Evening 4pm – 7pm
Monday 6th February 2017 Year 9 Progress Evening 4pm – 7pm
Monday 10th July 2017 Year 10 Progress Evening 4pm – 7pm
Monday 17th October 2016 Year 11 Progress Evening 4pm – 7pm
Monday 30th January 2017 Year 11 Progress Evening 4pm – 7pm
Monday 3rd April 2017 KS4 Options Evening 6pm – 8pm
Monday 20th March 2017 KS5 Options Evening 6pm – 8pm
Monday 27th March 2017 Year 12/13 Progress Evening 4pm – 7pm
Monday 5th December 2016 All Year Group Progress Evening 4pm – 7pm

Yours faithfully
Miss H E Scott
Head Teacher

Year 11 Shine at Joseph Swan Academy in their GCSE and BTEC results

Many congratulations to all our Year 11 students who collected their results today. We are very proud of each of our students whose hard work really has paid off.

We are very proud to say that the top grades of A*/A were achieved in many subjects including: English Language and Literature, Maths, Further Maths, Science, Additional Science, Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Art, Business, Computer Science, Food Technology, French, Geography, History, Resistant Materials, RE, Spanish, Italian, Business and in BTEC subjects including Business Studies, Health and Social Care and Travel.

A record number of students not only reached their target grades but exceeded them. Of this we are very proud. A number of Year 11 students achieved straight A*/A results including in AS examination subjects which are usually taken in Year 12. The AS subjects taken were in languages and Mathematics. A further cohort of students achieved excellent results with a combination of A*/A/B/C grades.

Students achieved high grades in a full breadth of subjects from English to Computer Science, French to Geography. This means that they are able to choose from many different subjects to study at A Level here at the Academy.

Some students choose a more vocational curriculum and achieved outstanding results in BTEC Business Studies, Health and Social Care and Travel with many Distinction and Distinction* grades being achieved.

We are very pleased with the record numbers of students signing up to our Sixth Form to study a wide variety of Sixth Form courses. These include A Levels in Sciences, Mathematics, Geography, History and Business.

This year we also include a partnership course with the NAC Group linked with Nissan for a course in Automotive Mechanics with an A Level curriculum. This is a very exciting development for our Academy and our students.

Some students have also been accepted on apprenticeship courses in construction and mechanics – we wish these students well as they start their careers.

Congratulations to all our students on their success and their hard work and thanks to all parents/carers for all your support over the last five years. This has really paid off.

For Sixth Form enquiries please contact or via

Another very proud day for the Joseph Swan Academy community.

Miss H.E.Scott
Head Teacher

A Level (A2 and AS) Examination Success at Joseph Swan Academy

Congratulations to all our Year 13 and Year 12 students on their excellent examination results. We are very proud of every single student. Their hard work, diligence and commitment has certainly paid off.

Our Year 13 students achieved some exceptional results with students confirming places to many of the top universities around the UK including Loughborough, Leeds, Edinburgh, Sheffield, Bristol, Aberdeen, Manchester, Herriott Watt, Liverpool, Reading, Derby, Northumbria, Teeside and Newcastle.

The students will be studying a variety of courses including Law, English Literature, English Language, Archaeology, Biomedical Science, Chemistry, Civil Engineering, Primary Education, Interior Design, Economics, Maths, Business, Geography and History.

In additional a number of Year 13 students have been accepted on some very prestigious Apprenticeship programmes. Well done to these students also.

Our Year 12 students also achieved an excellent set of results in their AS levels. We look forward to these students returning to the Academy for their A2 courses in Year 13.

Very well done to all our students for their hard work and commitment throughout their studies and for the support given by parents /carers to the students and to the Academy. We wish all of our Year 13 students the very best for the future and look forward to hearing of their continued success.

Results can be collected today Thursday 18th August between 9am and 3pm and Friday 19th August between 9am and 3pm.

GCSE and BTEC results can be collected from 9am – 3pm on Thursday 25th August and between 9am – 3pm on Friday 26th August.

A great day for Joseph Swan Academy.

Miss H.E.Scott

Head Teacher

Head Teacher’s Summer Letter

Dear Parent/ Carer

Can I firstly thank you all for your support this academic year. I must also thank our fantastic student body and our incredibly hard working staff for everything they have achieved this year. We have had an incredibly positive year with advancement shown in all areas which is something we are very proud of.

During the summer holidays we have our summer school for our new Year 7 students. This will take place from 25th July until the 28th July from 9.30am – 12.30 with many exciting activities planned.

We also will be having building work taking place from the second week of the holidays within our building with our ceilings and lighting being replaced in many classrooms, the Main Hall, the Restaurant and in Academy offices. This is the final stage of over £980, 000 spent on recent refurbishments and improvements including the installation of solar panels to make our building more energy efficient in recent months. This is to continue to improve our teaching and learning environment for our students and staff for the future.

As always I will write to every Academy family in August to provide you with details of our plans for the 2016/2017 academic year.

Key dates to note – Students are invited to collect their A Level and BTEC results on Thursday 18th August from 9am. Results will be given out from the ‘Street’. GCSE and BTEC results will be given out on Thursday 25th August from 9am again from the Academy ‘Street’. We wish our students the very best of luck with these results with the knowledge that they have worked incredibly hard for all their examinations.

Our Academy reception will be open from week beginning 25th July between 9am to 10.30am on Monday, Wednesday and Friday of each week during the holidays. Please note the Academy reception will be accessed via student reception during the building works over the summer and via 0191 4422000. The Academy reception will be open between 8.30am to 3pm on results days and on the 19th and the 26th August.

We begin our Autumn Term on Tuesday 6th September with students registering at 8.30am in full Academy uniform ready for a great academic year ahead.

With best regards and wishing everyone happy, healthy and safe holidays.

Yours faithfully
Miss Scott

Online Payment Information

We have bought into a new system to support with payments for uniform/dinners etc. We will be using Schoolcomms to offer you an online payment method. You can access this any time, track how much you have paid, what is outstanding and make payments directly to us using your debit or credit card. You will also be able to see what meals have been taken by your child.

For information on how to register for this system please see our Online Payment Information letter.