Beat Bullying, Be Kind

Last week we celebrated Be Kind Week in the Academy and what a fabulous week it was! Our theme was “Beat Bullying, Be Kind” and we wanted students to have the opportunity to reflect on the impact of their words and actions towards each other this week. Our assemblies with each year group reflected this and more importantly reinforced the kind behaviour that we usually see in our student body. We also ran an Act of Kindness Challenge in which staff, students and parents could nominate students. The challenge was to record at least 1100 acts of kindness in 110 hours and we are delighted to announce that the Academy far surpassed this aim! The top 5 students were Grace Brydon, Viktor Manchev, Lewis Ackerley, Abbie Brunskill, Kieran Tempest. Huge congratulations and well done to these students!

We also extended our messages of kindness out into the community, with some of our Anti Bullying Champions visiting local primary schools and others visiting the local area to give out flowers to the general public. Each of these flowers had a hand written kindness message from a student within the Academy. Other students were involved with baking activities and Amnesty’s Write for Rights Campaign. It was an extremely successful week which was great fun and we’re all looking forward to the Academy’s next Be Kind Week.