Sadly, bullying happens in every single school in the country. Here at Joseph Swan Academy we take bullying very seriously.

Joseph Swan Academy seeks to provide a safe, secure and positive environment where everybody has the right to be treated with respect and to be free from intimidation.

We seek to protect these basic human rights by ensuring that:

  • We are proactive in setting up a range of preventative measures
  • We actively listen to our students and where appropriate their parents/ carers
  • We act appropriately on their behalf.

To report bullying students can email:

As part of our ongoing commitment to dealing with bullying issues within school, we are excited to have achieved the BIG award for ‘excellence in challenging bullying. In order to receive this award we, as a school, agreed to prove that we are actively meeting the following criteria;

  1. A Bullying Intervention Focus Group
  2. A robust Anti Bullying Policy
  3. Regular Staff Training
  4. Involve parents and carers
  5. Pupils’ peer support or mentoring system
  6. Regular awareness raising activities
  7. Testimonial from a young person
  8. Recording and monitoring of bullying incidents

Award Logo 2013-14We are excited to be a part of this great initiative and to be the first school to be running the B.I.G peer mentoring system.

Visit the B.I.G website for more info.