Parental Advice

The direct gov website offers this advice if you think your child is being bullied.

If your child is being bullied

Your child may not directly tell you that they are being bullied but may display other symptoms like headaches, irritability and anxiety, and may not want to go to school. If your child is behaving like this or out of character and you suspect they are being bullied, try talking to them about:

  • their progress with school work
  • friends at school
  • what they do at lunchtimes and breaks
  • any problems or difficulties they are facing

Finding out your child is being bullied can be very upsetting, but if this happens try to talk calmly to your child about what is happening and:

  • make a note of what they say – who was involved, where, when and how often?
  • reassure your child that they have done the right thing by telling you
  • tell your child to report any further incidents to a teacher straightaway
  • talk to your child’s teacher about the bullying

DO NOT let your child stay off school. This will only act as a short term fix and, in our experience, it can make the issue worse.