Racist Bullying

Racism is not tolerated at Joseph Swan Academy in any form. We pride ourselves on being a multi-cultural school and, in fact, we have the most diverse student population in Gateshead with a massive 37 different languages being spoken at home.

Following the Stephen Lawrence incident, the 1999 MacPherson report defines racist bullying as “any incident which is perceived to be racist by the victim or any other person.”

A child or young person may be targeted for representing a group. Attacking the individual sends a message to that group. Incidents can include:

  • Verbal abuse – name calling, racist jokes, offensive mockery / mimicry
  • Physical aggression or threats
  • Wearing offensive or provocative badges or other insignia
  • Bringing racist leaflets, comics or magazines into the school
  • Racist inciting of others
  • Racist graffiti or other written insults including against food, music, dress or customs
  • A refusal to associate with someone of other ethnic origin in work or play

All racist incidents are reported to the Local Authority.