Leading Parent Partnership

We are delighted that Joseph Swan Academy has once again been awarded the Leading Parent Partnership Award. We are thrilled with the outcome as we work hard to ensure that we are consistently meeting the needs of our families. We will, as always, continue to review our practice to ensure we are improving on a regular basis. Thank you all for your ongoing commitment towards working with us and your valued support to ensure that your young people can shine!


Illustration Workshop at the Apple Store

A group of Year 9 students recently had the opportunity to visit the local Apple Store in the Metro Centre to take part in a superb illustration workshop.

The workshop introduced students to various apps and Apple equipment and then offered the opportunity for students to create an illustrated revision resource from an extract of Romeo and Juliet, a text they are studying in the Academy’s English department.

The students were extremely well engaged, which was commented on by the Apple Store team.

We would like to take the opportunity to thank the Apple Store educational team and we look forward to working alongside them in the future.

Here is just a small selection of some of the superb pieces created by our students!

Rugby League Festival

Joseph Swan Academy’s Year 7 Boys’ Rugby League Team competed in the Sky Try Festival at St James’s Park on Monday the 14th of May. The boys had a fantastic morning of rugby, playing their matches on the main pitch at St James’s Park. We met some of the Super League team captains and got to see the Super League Trophy.

Our boys played four matches in the festival against some really strong teams. We won all our matches scoring 14 tries and only conceding 1!

Well done to the boys who were fantastic!

Beat Bullying, Be Kind

Last week we celebrated Be Kind Week in the Academy and what a fabulous week it was! Our theme was “Beat Bullying, Be Kind” and we wanted students to have the opportunity to reflect on the impact of their words and actions towards each other this week. Our assemblies with each year group reflected this and more importantly reinforced the kind behaviour that we usually see in our student body. We also ran an Act of Kindness Challenge in which staff, students and parents could nominate students. The challenge was to record at least 1100 acts of kindness in 110 hours and we are delighted to announce that the Academy far surpassed this aim! The top 5 students were Grace Brydon, Viktor Manchev, Lewis Ackerley, Abbie Brunskill, Kieran Tempest. Huge congratulations and well done to these students!

We also extended our messages of kindness out into the community, with some of our Anti Bullying Champions visiting local primary schools and others visiting the local area to give out flowers to the general public. Each of these flowers had a hand written kindness message from a student within the Academy. Other students were involved with baking activities and Amnesty’s Write for Rights Campaign. It was an extremely successful week which was great fun and we’re all looking forward to the Academy’s next Be Kind Week.

Year 7 Football

Our Year 7 footballers competed in the Year 7 Football Cup competition on Thursday the 19th of April. It was a fantastic day for a football competition as the weather was warm and sunny.

Our team played six games in the group stage of the competition and managed to progress to the semi-finals. Our semi-final against Cardinal Hume was a great game but it ended 0-0, so the match went straight to penalties. Our players held their nerve and we won the shoot-out by 5 goals to 4.

In the final we played Kingsmeadow, a team who had beaten us 1-0 in the group stage. This was a tough game with both sides having chances to score but the game ended in a 0-0 draw. Extra time did not manage to settle the match either so we were back to penalties! Our boys did brilliantly again and held their nerve by scoring all of their penalty shots whilst Kingsmeadow missed one of theirs, making Joseph Swan Academy the winners!

Our players displayed some great football skills during the competition. They showed great team spirit and a clear determination to win the Year 7 Cup.

Well done to all the players!

JSA at the Maths Feast

On Tuesday the 20th March, four students – Charlie, Chloe, Faith and Scott – from year 10 represented the school in a “Maths Feast” challenge. This challenge tested all of the students’ skills in the areas of teamwork, resilience, natural academia and exuberance for mathematics.

The day was filled with fun tasks stretching from a range of classic, exam style questions which tested teamwork and time management skills alongside mathematical intelligence, to a physical task in which students had to construct a cube from card so that all of the colours were matching. This task in particular was very challenging and really tested the whole team!

Overall, the day was very interesting and enjoyable, and all of the team learnt a lot from the experience and acquired a new passion for Maths.

Written by Faith.

Rugby League Festival

The Academy’s Year 7 Rugby League team attended their second Sky Try Festival on Tuesday 27th March at Kingston Park Stadium in Newcastle. The team were unbeaten after winning all of their matches at their first festival and they were hoping to keep their unbeaten record…

The team played three matches in their league round and comfortably won all three! The team then played the winner of the other league and beat them by 4 tries to 1. Our Academy team played some amazing running rugby when they had possession of the ball. They also defended superbly with some ferocious tackles being made against the opposition by our players. In total the Year 7 team scored 15 tries and only conceded 3 tries throughout the whole day of rugby.

A great day was had by all. Well done to the Year 7 Rugby League team – you’ve all made the Academy very proud.

JSA at the UKMT Team Regional Final

On Monday 12th March 2018, four students from various year groups across the Academy – Rosie, Elise, Katie and Aaron – represented Joseph Swan Academy at the United Kingdom Mathematics Trust (UKMT) Team Challenge Regional Finals. The competition consisted of multiple rounds of maths problems that were designed to test students’ natural ability, flair and enthusiasm in mathematics.

The first round was a group round, where all four students worked collectively to complete as many questions as possible. This was followed by two further rounds where the team was split into two pairs, each pair attempting questions that involved using information and answers passed to them by the other pair.
Although our team didn’t win the Regional Finals, we all had fun challenging ourselves with maths problems and proudly representing Joseph Swan Academy against other schools in the North East.

Words by Aaron.

Year 7 on a UNIventure!

Thirty Year 7 students had a great day out at Newcastle University on a cold and snowy Tuesday.

The aim of the day was to give our students a taste of university life so that they could see some of the opportunities and courses available, and sample the atmosphere that they could, one day, choose to be part of.

During the day students took part in four different activities – Amazing Animals (a Science taster activity looking at animal adaptations); Roving Reporters (an exploration of the university, its buildings and services); Trekking Treats (a Business and Enterprise taster activity where students designed and sold a new type of survival suit) and, finally, Canyon Crossings (an Engineering taster activity to design and build bridges). Some of these activities involved making presentations to a large audience – a difficult task which our students did impressively well with – with one of our Academy’s teams even winning a prize!

Every single student took a full part in all the activities with a smile on their faces and with an enthusiasm and determination that would be hard to beat! They were respectful and attentive to all the university staff and they came up with some very innovative ideas as well. Congratulations to all the students who took part – you were a SHINING example of Joseph Swan Academy students on a visit.

So, what did our students think of the day? Here are a few quotations from them below:

“Today was really good and I have learned that there are so many more courses than you think!”

“I learnt that I want to go to university when I’m older as it seems like a good opportunity!”

“My experience at the university today was very entertaining and it really encouraged me to want to go to university in the future and I also have a much better understanding of what university is and how much it matters to your future!”

“It was good and I really want to go to university!”

Provision for Year 11 and Year 13 – 1st March

Department Year 11 Year 13
English Complete the English Language Paper 2 (emailed) and revise the nature based power and conflict poems in the revision workbook (emailed). English Literature:
To support your preparations for Paper 2, Question a please use the crime text that you identified to create your own Question A task:
AQA Resource
The above provided advise from the exam board about this process but remember, you need to find a section of a text which contains enough linguistic and structural material to to be able to analyse it to a high level.
There is a lot of material which is copyright free and available on the internet if it is Victorian (or earlier) if you’re struggling to find a text at home. Remember that the focus question is always the same (as is the mark scheme).

Send your completed task to Mrs Warr via email

Year Language:
Research the theorist Pinker and explore nativism further. I’ll attach some links. They then need to revise the key theorists from Tuesday’s lesson focusing in particular on phonetics and phonology. Students should then re- annotate their exam extracts in full, identifying anything they might have missed from the trial exam.
Chomsky’s Theory of Language
The Language Instinct

Maths All students have been set work to complete on Mathswatch. All students will be emailed directly by their teachers with instructions of tasks to complete. Past exam papers will also be attached for students to complete in preparation for their exams.
Science Combined Science
Students need to use their revision guides to complete end of topic questions from topics 1 to 4 for Biology and Physics and topics 1 to 5 for Chemistry. Copies of the revision guides have been shared with all students on the google drive. Answers to support self assessment are at the back of the revision guides.

Separate Sciences
Use the grade booster work books that have been shared via google drive to complete the questions from topics 1 to 4 for Biology and Physics and topics 1 to 5 for Chemistry. Answers to support self assessment are at the back of the workbooks.

Students are to use their textbooks to complete the end of topic questions for their current unit and complete the textbook questions for their y12 modules as revision for the upcoming exams.
Art Year 11 to work from their exam prep schedule and outcomes checklist. Aim to complete all tasks for this week for Tuesday next week. Any concerns or questions email both Art staff for a response. Year 13 to continue working on their exam prep as according to tutorials. Any concerns or questions email both Art staff for a response.
BHT Mrs Barrass’ Year 11 Business class, please refer to Tuesdays email and complete Unit 8 tasks 1-4.

Mrs Penny’s Year 11 Business class, complete Unit 5 (year 10 folder) comparison table set on Google Classroom. Anyone still working on Unit 1 Business plan please continue with this task.

Miss McGeorge’s Year 11 Business class, continue working on Unit 5 tasks set on Google Classroom.

Mrs Saunders and Mrs Whalen’s Year 11 Health & Social Care classes, please continue to work on Unit 2 tasks set on Google Classroom.

Year 13 Business students, use beebusinessbee resources and your revision guides to revise for Business Finance Exam.

Year 13 Health and Social Care, continue working on Unit 14 coursework tasks set on Google Classroom.

EPRE 11J1 – Students should access the Google classroom work on Islamic practices and work through the questions on each PPT as a revision activity.

11J2 and 11J3 – Students to complete a research task based on ‘divorce’ on to their Google Classroom platform.

Year 13 Philosophy – read the introduction to Meta-ethics powerpoint on the google classroom and make notes.
Geography Using the revision workbook posted on google classroom earlier this year students should look to complete the questions on ‘Changing Cities’ and ‘Development’ ahead of their trail exam. They can use the mark scheme in the back of the book to self assess their answers. Year 13 – continue to work on their Personal Investigations using the feedback provided by Mrs Blundred.
History Use your books (which you all have at home) to revise the topics from Year 10 which will be on the trial exam this month and in the June exam for paper One
This is Germany (apart from those in Miss Lough’s class last year who studied the USA) and the Conflict unit (which you all studied) about the Treaty of Versailles, League of Nations, Appeasement etc.
As well as the sites on the Academy revision site you can use this about Germany

This one is good for parts of all of the topics, you’ll have to navigate the way through it – where it says ‘Modern World History topics’, you need the second, third and fourth topics plus Germany or USA depending on what you have studied. This does not cover all of the Germany or USA topic so you’ll still need to refer to your books.

For Germany focus on hyperinflation, Hitler’s treatment of different groups and impact of war. For conflict unit look at League of Nations, Treaty of Versailles in particular. Try to create mind maps and use some of the revision techniques we used during some AAPC sessions and revision you did last year.
Miss Lough has also put more revision material on google classroom.

Work to complete your coursework, you all have clear individual instructions on what you need to do. If you need any help then email Mr Givens.

For the exam units – use your notes from both topics to begin your revision for the June exams by focusing on work from Year 12 from study on both Tudors and Russia. Remember the essays are ‘assess the validity’ of a particular statement so need to present both sides of an argument. Again anything you think you need on top of this then email Mr Givens and Miss Lough

ICT Cambridge National ICT
Unit 1 revision: Unit 1 revision materials are already on Google Classroom for students to access. Students are to read through this work. Students can then make notes based on the pre-release for the March trial exam. Pre-release is on Google classroom, which can also be accessed from here
Revision materials for Unit 1 and Unit 2 exams are on Google Classroom. This includes unit specifications and accompanying notes, which students should read through and make notes. Previous exam papers for both units are also available on Google Classroom to work on.
Languages Please login to Kerboodle and complete the following exercises:
Pages 158 – 159 exercises 1,2, 3 and 5
pages 160 – 161 exercises 1,2,3 and 4
Write your answers on a sheet and this will be marked and stuck into exercise books.

Also, complete the grammar worksheets (these will emailed to students). There are two for Higher candidates and two for Foundation however you can complete all four if you wish. Write answers on a separate sheet if you can’t print at home.

Finally, continue to learn your General Conversation questions and prepare answers to the rest of the questions.

All work will be checked on Monday.

11BFR1 – Students should log onto Kerboodle. Foundation students should do pages 150-151, read the article ‘Le règlement scolaire’ and complete exercises 1, 2, 3, 4 , 5 and 7.

Students entered for Higher Tier should do pages 152-153. Read the article ‘Améliorer son école’ and complete the activities 2, 3, 4 and 5.

All students should continue to practise their answer to the questions for the GCSE French speaking examination (Genral Conversation).

Foundation Tier students should complete the first two attached worksheets and Higher Tier students should complete the final two attached worksheets.

Please write your answers on paper if you do not have any printing facilities at home.

Music Can students please complete pages 10 to 20 in the white theory books
Complete another 16 bars of their compositions and look at completion. Send composition work to my email so I can have a look and return with corrections.
Log on to google classroom and either finish any work you have still to complete for unit 2 or unit 5 or green pen any work that has been marked.
BTEC Sport
Finish the report for the second assignment of unit 3. When it is completed share it with Mr Gray.
Technology Work will be shared on Google Docs.