Lakeside Challenge 2018

A Year 9 and Year 10 team from Joseph Swan Academy have competed in the 2018 Lakeside Challenge. This included a two night residential stay in the Lake District. They took part in a variety of activities such as raft building, night line, obstacle course and king swing, as well as many other outdoor pursuits. The students were very competitive and completed every activity to the best of their ability.

JSA are currently top of the league with Year 9 being first! All students should be incredibly proud of themselves this weekend as they truly did shine. All of the students who took part now have the chance to go through to the next round…

Gateshead Food Bank Donation

Joseph Swan Academy’s Student Leadership Team took the lead on organising the “Reverse Advent Calendar Challenge” over the Christmas period. The aim behind this initiative was for students to work collaboratively in order to give something to others, instead of receiving something themselves during each day of Advent.

Every student from each tutor group in Years 7 to 11 contributed towards this challenge by bringing in an item of food to donate to Gateshead Food Bank. This meant that over 50 boxes were packed with food from our students’ donations!

The Student Leadership Team then packed the food boxes onto the Academy’s minibus and helped to deliver these supplies to the local Food Bank. The staff at the food bank were overwhelmed by the kindness of our JSA students and were astonished to find that we had in fact donated 371.20 kg of food to the cause! They said that this would help to feed many Gateshead families in need, “Well into the New Year”.

Jesus College Cambridge Workshop

Students from Year 10 and Year 12 were involved in a highly engaging and informative workshop delivered by three university students from Jesus College Cambridge.

The Year 10 workshop focused on ambitions and aspirations, and gave students an insight into what life is like at a high achieving Russell Group University such as Cambridge. Students were actively involved in discussions around university life, including the types of degree on offer; student accommodation and facilities; extra-curricular activities and more. The representatives from Jesus College also gave students an insight into the requirements for entry into these Universities.

The Year 12 talk was attended by almost half of the year group, showing the high aspirations and goals that these students have for themselves. This workshop focused on the pragmatics of the application process, not only to Cambridge and Oxford, but also to all Russell Group institutions.

Topics covered in this talk included entry requirements; entrance exams; how to write personal statements and the importance of super and extra-curricular activities. The session also gave an insight into how rewarding studying at these institutions is. It has certainly whetted the students’ appetite to apply to the best universities!

At Joseph Swan Academy we pride ourselves on fuelling and supporting the ambitions of all of our learners and events such as this continue in this theme.

Remembrance in Design and Technology

The Year 10 Design and Technology class took on a project to make an acrylic poppy that would be used as a part of an Academy Remembrance display. The poppies were made on the laser cutter and were all dedicated to someone who had lost their life in a conflict.

The students all researched someone with the same surname as themselves who had been involved in a conflict and then engraved their details onto an acrylic poppy. They then heated the acrylic and created a 3D shape of the poppy. These were used as a display on the Academy’s Main Reception. Many guests commented on the poppies and said how well made and poignant they were.

22nd November – Y10 Duke of Edinburgh Launch

Dear Parent/Carer

We cordially invite you to the launch of the Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme at Joseph Swan Academy.

This launch will take place on Wednesday 22nd November at 6pm. Year 10 students and their parents/carers are invited to attend this introductory session to learn all about the Award and what this entails.

If you would like to attend please complete the reply slip and return this to Mrs Beeckhams by Tuesday 21st November.

Yours faithfully

Miss H E Scott
Head Teacher

20th November – Year 10 Progress Evening

Dear Parent/Carer

I would like to invite you to our Year 10 Progress Evening which will take place on
Monday 20th November 2017 between the hours of 4pm – 7pm at Joseph Swan Academy. This event will be an appointment based event with staff from each department located on the Academy ‘Street’.

This progress evening is a real opportunity for you to speak to your son/daughter’s subject teachers. It is important that you see key staff to discuss the progress your son/daughter is making in Year 10.

The Year 10 Team will be on hand for additional advice and support throughout the evening.

Please discuss the evening with your son/daughter and ask them to make appointments with the teachers you would like to see. The appointments will be between 4pm – 7pm. Please indicate if you need later appointments for your son/daughter. Note appointments will be approximately 5-10 minutes in length. You will have the opportunity to see your son/daughter’s books/folders during the evening.

Please do contact the Year Team if you have any questions.

We look forward to seeing you on Monday 20th November 2017.

Yours faithfully

Miss H. E. Scott
Head Teacher

Science Central

Year 10 students from the Design, Engineer and Construct course visited Science Central in Newcastle on Wednesday 8th of November. Students were given the opportunity to meet the Master Planner for the site and have a tour of the building works. Students watched a presentation explaining how and why Science Central had been designed. They then toured the site and were shown the plot of land on Science Central where the building that has been designing will be located.

Students were able to quiz the Master Planner and gain some key information about the site to help aid their understanding of the building design process. The students represented the Academy in a fantastic manner and enjoyed the unique opportunity to work with an expert in building planning.

Design, Engineer and Construct

On Wednesday 18th October 2017, 14 Year 10 students visited Newcastle City Library as part of their Design, Engineer and Construct course. The students had the unique opportunity to meet and question Ian Kennedy, the Architect who designed the City Library building which opened in March 2009.

Ian gave the students an all access tour of the Library, allowing them to understand all the aspects that need to be considered when designing a new building. The trip ended with a question and answer session in which the students asked some interesting questions and gained a valuable insight into the world of architecture. The students were a credit to themselves and the Academy and conducted themselves impeccably.

Year 10 DT Visit To Nissan

On Tuesday 7th of November 45 students from JSA visited Nissan Car Plant for a site tour. The students are studying mass manufacturing and production design and technology. The visit was an opportunity to see the theory that they have studied in the classroom being put into practice in the real world of manufacturing.

The students had a tour of the Trim and Chassis line and saw all of the stages involved in manufacturing both Nissan Jukes and Nissan Qashqais from start to finish. The students all enjoyed this visit and learned something that will help them in Technology exams in the future.

Year 10 and Year 11 this Academic Year

Dear Parent/Carer

I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate your son or daughter on the achievements that they have made throughout the Academic Year 2016/17. It is with great pride that I write this Year 10 and Year 11 letter. Your child has been studying for their GCSE and BTEC qualifications throughout the year and, for our Year 11 students, the hard work is now over. We patiently await the results day on 24th August 2017. Every student in Year 10 or 11 recognises the importance of this time in their academic career and understands the opportunities that being successful at Key Stage 4 will bring.

It is for this reason that our aim is to provide guidance, support for every student so that they can truly ‘Shine’.

It has been a busy term. The first day back after Easter began with our ‘Welcome Back’ assembly to celebrate the success and ambition of our Key Stage 4 students. The theme was ‘demonstrating resilience’ and how this can support our own personal development.

Our Year 10 students have attended an Interview Skills Day at the Academy in association with the Careers Service. Students learnt vital application and interview skills and received personalised feedback on how they can continue to improve. Many of our students have since used these skills when applying for University courses. Six Year 10 students have successfully applied and been accepted on courses to Newcastle University and Cambridge University (Jesus College).

On 7th June all the Year 10 students and with all students in the Academy participated in our very own General Election organised by our EPRE department. Prior to the day students were given the opportunity to watch all the Party Political Broadcasts and to discuss these further with their Tutors. Using real polling booths, students voted for which Party they believed should win the election. Students took their vote incredibly seriously and the Academy released exit poll data and updates throughout the day. The winners of our Academy General Election was the Labour Party.

On the 19th June the Year 10 students began their Trial Examinations. The students have prepared themselves for these examinations and have behaved superbly. They will receive their results on 14th July as part of the Year 10 Academy Results Day. Students will also take part in activities that focus on our ‘You Can Do It’ ethos. This event will be followed by the Year 10 Progress Evening. We look forward to seeing you on this important evening where you can find out more about your son/daughter’s progress.

We still have lots of learning and many activities to do before the summer holiday. Our Reward Day for top point holders is on Saturday 8th July. This will be taking place in the Academy and replaces the visit to Lightwater Valley. This free event will have music and entertainment and be a real celebration of the Year successes. Our ‘All Together’ Games on Monday 17th – Tuesday 18th July will give our students the opportunity to show their athleticism and dedication to doing their absolute best.

Next year is a crucial year for the Class of 2018 and I am very excited and proud to say that I will be taking over Year 10 as their Year Leader and taking them into Year 11 with the support of Miss Rodaway.

For our Year 11 students, the countdown to their final examinations began with the first of the examinations on May 15th. Since this time over 160 exams have taken place and we are incredibly proud of how conscientious and dedicated the Year 11 students have been throughout the examination season.

Students have attended Booster Sessions and Top Tips regularly as well as continuing to attend Light Bulb Learning after school and holiday lessons.

The English and Maths departments delivered conferences to many of our students. These events, taking place at the Hilton Hotel and St James’ Park, were well attended and thoroughly enjoyed by all students.

After the examinations were over the students attended their final Assembly. Students received awards and thanked their Tutors for their support and encouragement throughout the past 5 years. The students have also participated in the traditional Year Group photograph. An event that always fills us with pride when we see the entire Year Group together for one of the last times.

The Year 11 Prom deadline was on the horizon soon after returning from Easter and over 100 Year 11 students attended Beamish Hall hotel, a perfect location to celebrate the success of the Class of 2017.

We now look forward to the greatly anticipated results day on Thursday 24th August.

Many of our Year 11 students have chosen to continue to study at Joseph Swan Academy in the Sixth Form. All students who applied are attending a Taster Week from Monday 3rd to Friday 7th of July where they will experience life as a Sixth Form student and attended lessons in their chosen subjects. They will also join the current Sixth Form for their end of year celebration BBQ. We look forward to welcoming them back in September to study for their Post 16 qualifications.

Students in both Year 10 and 11 have worked hard this term. We currently have a large number of students who are learning to play a musical instrument and have their lessons at the Academy. Many of our Year 10 and Year 11 students have recently taken and passed music examinations. We would like to congratulate all students on their exceptional performance during these examinations.

Our Year 10 and Year 11 students have also been eagerly collecting reward points since the start of this Academic Year. The following students are the top 20 points earners. They have collected a commendable number of points this year, well done.

Chloe Graham Thomas Newham Jade Wilson Ellie McTeer Dawid Stepien
Evelina Saliapina Alice Graham Victoria Elliott Josh Bickerstaff Casey McGinley
Faith White Chantelle Bradford Daniel Dura Anna Richardson James Johnston
Sophie Webber Sinead Gorman Sophie Watson Lewis Dale Jon-Paul Slater

Finally, I hope that every student has had a successful, enjoyable and memorable year at Joseph Swan Academy. I look forward to welcoming the Year 10 students back to school on Tuesday 5th September 2017 as our new Year 11s and to the celebrations on the 24th August at the GCSE and BTEC results day.

Yours faithfully

Miss K Allan
Academy Leadership Team