Mobile Technologies

Mobile technology has advanced so much in recent years, that the technology now incorporates much more than just a phone. Internet access is readily available on most phones now and this is allowing children and young people access to chat rooms and social networking sites whenever and wherever they like. A main concern at the moment is the checking in app that is available on smart phones such as Iphone® and Blackberry®. This allows the phone to locate them via satellite and ‘checks’ them in wherever they are, it is then displayed on their status on social networking sites such as Facebook®. This leaves them open to stalking or bullying.

For parents, it can be difficult to check what children are using their phones for, especially parents of teenage children. One thing to consider regards to this is that if your child has a phone on a contract; you will be able to check the statement each month as to how many times they have accessed the internet, and what for. If your child has a pay-as-you-go phone and you want information as to what they have been doing, you will have to contact the service provider direct. Another thing to check is whether the filtering settings have been activated on the mobile phone and again this can be done through the service provider.

Bluetooth technology has also grown in popularity, and most phones on sale today have this facility. This allows music files and pictures to be shared, at no cost, so people can access literally all the information on your phone. Phones are given names, and this allows people to know who they are connecting to. Bluetooth should not be activated when it’s not being used as anybody can pick it up within a certain range.

The good news is that mobile phone companies are taking responsibility for keeping young people under the age of 18 safe and have lots of useful hints and tips on their websites.

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