National No Smoking Day

This year, National No Smoking Day was the 13th of March. Statistics show that smoking in teenagers is on the increase. This could be connected to the rise of the popularity of the Vape or E-Cigarette. As educators we are great believers in the saying ‘Knowledge is Power’. With that in mind, we are always striving to empower our young people to make sound, informed and sensible decisions.  In preparation for National No Smoking Day, we started the week by working in tutor groups and reflecting on anti-smoking campaigns to create our own campaign aimed at teenagers, an often forgotten demographic amongst those who smoke.

Displays were placed around the Academy, focusing on the facts and dangers of smoking, and a group of students (along with Mrs Whalen) were involved raising awareness of the dangers of smoking during break times on the Street. Further support will be available for students who want to stop smoking: students can email