Our Curriculum

The curriculum at Joseph Swan provides students of all abilities with the opportunity to ‘Shine’.   It is our aim to provide a high quality curriculum with the flexibility to allow each individual to develop their skills, abilities and knowledge to achieve their full potential.

Key Stage 3

Students at Key Stage 3 study and broad and balanced differentiated curriculum that is designed to support their individual learning needs.  All students spend around 40% of curriculum time studying the three core subjects of English, Maths and Science.

In addition to this students will study Geography, History, French, PE, Computing, Technology, Art and Music.

Key Stage 4

The Academy has worked hard to ensure that all students pursue an appropriate ‘pathways’ in Years 10 and 11.  Our Pathway model offers a broad range of subjects, comprised of traditional academic and vocational subjects in a variety of combinations.  All students in Years 10 and 11 study a fundamental package of subjects  which are then complemented by a choice of additional subjects chosen from guided options.

All students study the following:

Core Subject Qualification Teaching allocation
(Hours per week)
English (Language and Literature) GCSE 5
Maths GCSE 4
Science (Core and Additional) GCSE 5
EPRE (J band only) GCSE 1
European Computing Driving Licence (S and A band only) BTEC 1
PE (Core) 1

Students choose from a choice of 3 additional subjects:

Subject Qualification Teaching allocation
(Hours per week)
Art GCSE 3
Business Studies GCSE/BTEC 3
Business Studies GCSE/BTEC 3
Computer Science GCSE 3
Food Technology GCSE 3
French GCSE 3
Geography GCSE 3
Health and Social Care BTEC 3
History GCSE 3
Hospitality BTEC 3
ICT National award/BTEC 3
Physical Education GCSE/BTEC 3
Product Design GCSE 3
Resistant Materials GCSE 3
Travel & Tourism BTEC 3
Triple Science (Biology, Chemistry and Physics) GCSE 3

Key Stage 5

The Academy offers a broad curriculum which allows students can continue to develop and build on the subjects they studied at Key Stage 4, as well as offering some subjects which will give students new opportunities to enrich their knowledge and understanding and develop their interests.

Most students study four subjects in Year 12 and then focus their efforts on three subjects in Year 13.

The current list of subjects available is shown below:

Subject Qualification Teaching allocation
(Hours per week)
Fine Art A Level 5
Biology A Level 5
Chemistry A Level 5
English Language A Level 5
English Literature A Level 5
Extended Project (AS) AS Level 5
Geography A Level 5
History A Level 5
ICT A Level/BTEC 5
Mathematics A Level 5
Philosophy A Level 5
Physics A Level 5
Product Design A Level 5
Applied Science A Level 5
Spanish A Level 5
Business BTEC 5
Health and Social Care BTEC 5
ICT Practitioners BTEC 5
Sport BTEC 5
Travel and Tourism BTEC 5