Remembrance Day Activities

Over the course of the first four lessons, there have been many engaging activities being held all over the school. For example, on the staff car park, there are many fascinating workshops about Anderson Shelters, tanks and spitfires.

The Anderson Shelters are a new addition to our schools remembrance-themed activities, a set up simulation so students can go inside them and experience what a war raid would have entailed. In 1939, the cost of an Anderson Shelter was £13. The Shelter would have been built into family’s garden’s to use when air raids took place to shelter from bombs and damage caused by aircraft flying over head. It was an remarkable experience for the students to be surrounded by authentic artefacts from both Great Wars. It was quite a surreal experience and one that our school is feels deeply appreciative to have hosted.

Across from the shelters, there was almost a “mini museum” of artefacts and pictures from the “Battle of Britain”. This consisted of army uniforms, chess games, gas masks, record players and cutlery. It was great to be able to see students getting involved with the visitors, asking questions and trying on the uniforms as we, as a school, see that it’s very important to get educated on World War 1 and 2.

Also, there was a suffragette’s workshop which highlighted the social changes of women and women’s rights from the 1900’s till now. It showed the difference in women’s fashion, jobs and how women were granted the right to vote. It was compelling to see how much society has changed over the past 100 years.

It was extraordinary to see students getting so involved in each activity around school and showing respect at this significant time of year.

‘Lest We Forget’.

Written by Abbie.

Edited by Faith