Remembrance Events at Joseph Swan Academy

Dear Parent/Carer

Due to the success, student engagement and educational value of our Remembrance Respect Day in 2017, this has been even further developed for 2018.

On Wednesday 7th November our Concert for Remembrance will take place in the Academy. The Academy Band, the Band and Bugles of Durham ACF and choirs from Kells Lane Primary School, Harlow Green Primary School, Oakfield Junior School and Kelvin Grove Primary School will be involved. Tickets will be £4 from the Academy Reception. This is always an exceptionally poignant evening.

On Thursday 8th November it will be our Colours of Remembrance Day with students and staff wearing Red and Black for a small donation. Year Teams will also be having events linked with Remembrance during Period 1 focusing on the commemoration of 100 years since the end of the Great War. Some students will also be participating in a Silence for Remembrance during registration and Period 1. In addition students who would like to be involved with their Year Group and can for a small donation be involved in a ‘Run for Remembrance’ during their allocated Year Group period on Thursday 8th November 2018.

Friday 9th November is our Remembrance SMSC (Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural Development) Day.
Students will see the work of the Royal British Legion and other welfare organisations. Students will also have the opportunity to participate in additional sessions such as to see military vehicles from past and present, an Anderson shelter exhibition, a Hurricane Hawker MkII, Flying Flea and a Spitfire MK805. There will also be a Battle of Britain exhibition. Students can participate in army climbing activities and undertake a physical training session delivered by the Royal Marines. In addition, we have sessions with the Royal Fusiliers Regiment, the Military Intelligence Team, the Royal Navy, the Army, the British Legion Riders, the Royal Artillery and have input into a Remembrance Art installation. In addition we will have workshops focused on the white and purple poppy, the Peace Pledge and Armistice Day.

Most importantly, students will have the opportunity to plant a dedicated cross/faith symbol in our memorial area within the Academy grounds.

This is a very important day for our Academy and I would like all of our students to participate. I do hope you support us with this. This day will finish with an all Academy Remembrance Service at 2.35pm.

The staff car park will be open to the public from 12.15pm to 1pm to view the military vehicles. If you would like to see these please email or telephone 0191 4422004 to book your place.

I do understand, however, that some parents may wish to withdraw their sons/daughters from the day for a number of different reasons. If you wish to do this, please email the Academy Administration Manager, Mrs Atkinson, at and we will organise alternative arrangements.

I thank you in advance for your continued support.

Yours faithfully

Miss H. E. Scott
Head Teacher