OCR AS and A Level Chemistry

SFcopy2A Level Chemistry encourages you to think independently and develop the skills to become a logical thinker. If you would like to be someone who can solve problems and apply knowledge to new situations then this is the course for you.

Studying Chemistry allows you to appreciate how society makes decisions about scientific issues and how the sciences contribute to the success of the economy and society. A level Chemistry develops a deeper appreciation of the skills, knowledge and understanding of how science works. The course allows you to develop essential knowledge and understanding of different areas of chemistry and how they relate to each other.

Chemistry is the science of materials. It is about gases, liquids and solids; how they interact and how they may be made. Think about plastics, pesticides, drugs, fireworks, fuels and explosives. Chemistry is, literally, everywhere. In AS Chemistry you will study the fundamental concepts of Chemistry in the first module and then move on to look at organic Chemistry which forms the basis of medicinal chemistry and food chemistry. In A Level you will look at the mathematical concepts behind physical chemistry and the importance of transition metals in everyday life.

Practical work is used throughout the course both to illustrate concepts and to enable the development of technical and investigative skills. You must be prepared to work hard and there is an emphasis on supported self-study. The course involves the use of maths; this aspect of the course builds on the mathematical concepts learnt at GCSE.

Chemistry is an essential qualification for a large number of careers such as: pharmacy, GP, physician, biochemist, forensic scientist, pharmacologist, biomedical scientist, lawyer, insurer, accountant, environmental scientist, nutritionist, and laboratory analyst.

Qualification equivalence: AS/A Level
Course contact: Miss Rutherford
Assessment: Examinations/Separate Practical Endorsement
Additional entry requirements: Grade B in GCSE Chemistry, Grade 4 in GCSE Mathematics
Suggested combinations: Physics, Biology, Maths, Geography
Link: www.ocr.org.uk/Images/171720-specification-accredited-a-level-gce-chemistry-a-h432.pdf