AQA AS and A Level History

HistoryDo you like to argue? Do you have a mind of your own? Are you the kind of person who asks lots of questions and does not believe anything you are told? If the answer is NO, then turn the page and don’t waste any more of your time! However if the answer is YES then A Level History will be perfect for you!

What do comedian Al Murray, TV presenter Jonathan Ross, Ali G creator Sasha Baron Cohen, documentary maker Louis Theroux and founder of Facebook Chris Hughes have in common? Do you know? Would you like to enjoy the kind of success they have? Yes?

Then take History at AS level as a step towards it. You will study the time period in German History from 1919, after defeat in World War One, up to 1963, after the building of the Berlin Wall. The study will include Weimar Republic; the rise of Adolf Hitler and the Nazis; Germany in the Second World War and the Holocaust; the creation of two Germanys after defeat in war; the ‘Cold War’ and the building of the Berlin Wall. This study will complement work done at GCSE level and makes the transition to A Level slightly easier.

In Year 8 you learned that Anne Boleyn was executed because she might have had 6 fingers and might have had an affair with her own brother. Interested in finding out exactly how important she is in History? Take History at AS level and you will study the period from 1485 when Henry VII became the last English king to win the throne on the battlefield; the reign of Henry VIII which includes his marriages, religious changes and wars with France; the reigns of Edward VI and Mary, including the rebellions and protests against Tudor rule.

Assessment is in the form of written examinations. For AS Level at the end of Year 12 you complete an exam of 1 hour 30 minutes in each of the two topics outlined above. If you decide to continue to study History into Year 13 at A Level, and we hope you will, then you complete two exams plus one further exam on Civil Rights in the USA and one piece of coursework of your choice.

Interested in a career in Media, Journalism, the Police, Law, and Teaching? Maybe you don’t know what you want to do. The study of History at this level will help you to think for yourself and work independently – important skills that will allow you to do anything you want to, when you do decide.

Qualification equivalence: AS/A2
Course contact: Mr Givens
Assessment: Coursework and exams
Additional entry requirements: C in GCSE History and English
Suggested combinations: English, Geography