OCR AS and A Level Physics

SFcopy4Do you love Science? Are you interested in how the world works? Do you want a wide range of transferable skills? Then this A-Level in Physics is ideal for you. Our ethos is to teach you the concepts of physics through practical activities (wherever possible) so you can see how the science is applied to real life scenarios. This course will develop your physics knowledge, planning, instrumentation and analytical skills – skills which are in demand by employers and universities.

“A world without Physics is a world without answers.” Physics is both challenging and exciting and at Joseph Swan Academy we aim to provide our students with the best experience possible to allow them to be immersed into the wonderful world of Physics at advanced level.

You will not only develop your scientific skills but also develop life skills that will help you in your chosen career. You could choose to seek employment in engineering, medicine, forensics, sports science, geophysics, aeronautics, nanotechnology, research or teaching. At AS Level, students study the G481 “Mechanics” unit first. This unit covers such topics as motion, forces, car safety and energy. The second unit is G482 “Electrons, Waves and Photons”. In this, students study electricity, waves and radiation and are introduced to quantum physics. These units are examined in June. The G483 “Practical Skills in Physics 1” unit will be completed in class throughout the year.

The A Level Physics course builds on the skills and understanding gained at AS level. Course structure is identical to the AS Level course. Unit G484 “The Newtonian World” deals with such topics as Newton’s laws, circular motion, oscillations and thermal physics. Unit G485 “Fields, Particles and Frontiers of Physics” covers fields, capacitors, nuclear and medical physics and the universe. These units are examined in June. Again, the G486 “Practical Skills in Physics 2” unit is completed in class throughout the year.

Qualification equivalence: AS/A Level
Course contact: Miss Irving
Assessment: Examinations and practical assessment
Additional entry requirements: Grade B in Additional Science, Physics and Grade 6 in Mathematics
Suggested combinations: Chemistry, Biology & Mathematics.
Link: www.ocr.org.uk/qualifications/as-a-level-gce-physics-a-h156-h556-from-2015/