Amendment to the Behaviour for Learning Policy

Dear Parent/Carer

We have had a very invigorating start to this Spring Term with excellent attendance and a very positive attitude to learning demonstrated by the vast majority of students. The Year 11 students have very purposefully completed three days of trial examinations and specific students in Key Stage 4 and Key Stage 5 have completed BTEC public examinations.

We introduced our new travelling to and from the Academy Procedures on Monday 8th January and have already had much positive feedback from members of the public in and around the Low Fell area and the local community.

From Monday 15th January we will be launching an amendment to our Behaviour for Learning Policy. This is to promote further a positive climate and environment for learning across the Academy.

At Joseph Swan Academy we are proud to say that the vast majority of students behave exceptionally well every single day. We are very proud of all these students. To encourage all students to behave in this very positive way we will be introducing an additional sanction to our Behaviour for Learning Policy.

This sanction is – if a student reaches a Step 4 ‘on call’ removal from a lesson situation due to inappropriate behaviour, disruption or defiance the student will receive a fixed term exclusion from the Academy which will be formally recorded.

After this exclusion parents and carers, with their son/daughter, will attend a meeting with myself and/or the Deputy Head Teacher to discuss the expectations of future conduct at the Academy. This sanction will also be given for students who are not in the right lessons, use inappropriate language or who have been found to be smoking on the Academy site. We realise this is a serious sanction but we want to ensure and encourage all of our students to focus each and every day on their learning and on achieving at the highest level.

This amendment to the policy will be reviewed on the week beginning Monday 5th February 2018. Parents/carers will be updated after this review has taken place.

Students were informed of this amendment at their Line up for Learning on Friday 12th January and will be reminded of this on Monday 15th January during extended registration.

We hope that you will be fully supportive of this venture to improve still further the positive attitudes to learning within the Academy.

Yours faithfully

Miss H E Scott
Head Teacher