The Academy Day

Event Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
First Bell 8.30am 8.30am 8.30am 8.30am 8.30am
Registration 8.40am 8.40am 8.40am 8.40am 8.40am
Period 1 9.20am 8.55am 8.50am 8.55am 8.55am
Period 2 10.15am 9.55am 9.45am 9.55am 9.55am
Break 11.10am 10.55am 10.40am 10.55am 10.55am
Early Bell 11.25am 11.10am 10.55am 11.10am 11.10am
Period 3.1 11.30am 11.15am 11.00am 11.15am 11.15am
Period 3.2 11.55pm 11.45pm 11.25am 11.45pm 11.45pm
Period 3.3 12.25pm 12.15pm 11.55am 12.15pm 12.15pm
Early Bell 12.55pm 12.45pm 12.25pm 12.45pm 12.45pm
Period 4 1.00pm 12.50pm 12.30pm 12.50pm 12.50pm
Period 5 1.55pm 1.50pm 1.25pm 1.50pm 1.50pm
Finish Time 2.50pm 2.50pm 2.20pm 2.50pm 2.50pm

Years 7 and 8 have lunch during period 3.2 and all other year groups have lunch during period 3.3.