Student Testimonials

We were delighted when two of our current Year 8 students volunteered to write a testimonial about their experience of Year 7 last year.

The students, Jake Hulme and Lily Durrant made us extremely proud when they delivered these testimonials on stage at our recent Open Evening in front of over 700 guests.

We hope that anyone who was unable to make the open evening will enjoy reading them.

Secondary school is every primary school student’s fear. It’s going to be too big. I will get lost. I won’t know anyone. No-one will be there to help me. Trust me, it’s nothing like that.

My first day at Joseph Swan was amazing! I walked in scared but I was welcomed by the lovely teachers leading me into my new school. The teachers are so helpful and caring: they are always there to help any students in need. We are especially lucky to have a brilliant Year 7 Team in Mr Bland and Mrs Watson who looked after us extremely well and guided us through into Year 8.

The lessons at Joseph Swan are excellent. I have really enjoyed having a wide range of different subjects to study. My favourites are Science, because you get to do lots of experiments, and Art, because I have a talent in drawing. The teachers have all supported me really well. In all lessons, teachers push you to be the absolute best you can. I am really pleased as this has helped me to not only achieve but actually to exceed all of my end of year targets from Year 7.

It’s not always just about lessons here at Joseph Swan. We are very lucky that we have brilliant themed days each half term. Some of them included Heart to Heart Day, where every student received some first aid training, and our Remembrance Respect Day, where we all dedicate a cross to someone who has been killed in conflict.

Weekly assemblies are very interesting as we have a range of staff and guest speakers who come and talk to us about a variety of subjects. We have our Joseph Swan Shine Charter, and we have a weekly focus and tutor work to complete around each of the lines in this Charter. This helps to give us a real understanding of what it takes to be a shining student.

I have really enjoyed making lots of new friends at Joseph Swan. There are lots of transition activities, which allow you to get to know other people in your classes long before you start in September. I now have a great group of friends who I have made fantastic memories with in Year 7.

At Joseph Swan Academy, Miss Scott loves to see students who shine. We all know how important it is to do your absolute best and take all of the amazing opportunities offered to us.

I am really looking forward to the next few years here at Joseph Swan. I know that the excellent support I will get from staff, to ensure I do my absolute best, will enable me to gain a place at university to study to become a midwife.

Lily Durrant,
Year 8

This time, two years ago, I was sitting where you are now, deciding on which secondary school was the best fit for me. It was difficult, but after visiting Joseph Swan, I had made my choice. I have now completed my first full year at Joseph Swan and have loved every minute of it.

Starting a new school is a huge worry for most primary school students: it signals a new chapter in your life. The transition from primary school to Joseph Swan was made a lot easier with the programme of transition activities, such as Summer School and Welcome Week. The fact that Mr Bland also regularly visited us in Oakfield was another way in which I felt very supported.

The after-school clubs at Joseph Swan are fantastic. There is a wide range of activities to do, from Art to Beauty Club. There is a huge range of sports and clubs and teams to join. I am a member of the football team and I am proud to represent Joseph Swan against other schools.

Learning outside of the classroom is really important in Joseph Swan. There is a wide variety of local, national and international trips and visits organised by the school. I am very much looking forward to the ski trip to Italy this year.

Good work and positive behaviour are always rewarded in Joseph Swan. You collect daily points in your planner and at the end of each week you count them up in a running total. You can use your points at the shop to buy stationery and other prizes, such as the half-termly year group rewards, which this half term is a cinema afternoon.

For every thousand points you collect, you receive a rewards badge. We have bronze, silver, gold and platinum. The highest award is the Head Teacher’s badge, for which you need 6000 points this year. I was one of the few people who achieved this last year and recently attended a special ‘Head Teacher’s Day’ with Miss Scott. We had a private booking to see Spider-Man: Homecoming and then we had a special lunch and games in the afternoon.

Joseph Swan’s motto is ‘Where Everyone Can Shine’ and with the help of your Year Team and the brilliant teachers here, this is absolutely possible, just as I hope I have shown!

Jake Hulme,

Year 8