Student Voice

At Joseph Swan Academy, we talk regularly to our students about a range of different topics. We value their feedback immensely. We recently completed a student voice within Year 7 with regards to Transition from Primary to Secondary school. Here is what the students had to say…

Students felt transition provided at JSA helped them:

  • To feel more confident about attending JSA.
  • To get to know some of the teachers before September.
  • To gain important knowledge about day to day life at JSA.
  • To spend more time in their new school than some of their friends did.
  • Because they knew Mr Bland from his work in local primary schools in Year 5 and 6.

Students chose JSA because:

  • Some of them have older siblings at JSA who have enjoyed school.
  • Both students and parents liked the feel of the Academy from Open Evening.
  • It has a good reputation in the community.
  • They liked the school on the many primary visits they had made in younger years.
  • They already felt like a part of the Academy from the work they had done and links we have made with local primary schools.
  • The Academy is close to home and is their local school.
  • The Academy values individuality.
  • The Academy excels in Music and sport, which was important to them.

‘Welcome Week’:

  • Five full days of being a Joseph Swan student was amazing.
  • We were really well looked after by Mr Bland and Mrs Watson.
  • It was helpful to get to know your tutor and classmates.
  • I loved receiving a free T shirt from the Head Teacher, Miss Scott.
  • The Doddington Dairy Workshop was great – creating your own ice cream! This was definitely a favourite amongst students.
  • I really enjoyed Sports Day: I would like more opportunity to try out on the climbing wall.
  • It was cool to pay for your food with your finger print.
  • We were exhausted by the end of the week, but loved every second!
  • Students would like to do even more ‘real lessons’.

‘Summer School’:

  • It gave us more independence.
  • We had the whole Academy to ourselves so we could explore and get to know the layout.
  • We enjoyed working in teams to get to know other students before September.
  • The treasure hunt was great – it was good fun but also an excellent way to find your way around the Academy.
  • It was a fun thing to do when my other friends were bored in the house!
  • We learnt a lot of amazing facts and information from the Riverside Falconry workshop.