Remembrance Day 2017

For several years, on a day before Remembrance Day we have held our Remembrance Respect Days at Joseph Swan. On these days all of our year groups are invited to a special service of remembrance which is led by our Head Teacher. Within this service students and staff reflect on the sacrifice that has been made across the past century, as well as the work that the armed forces still do today in troubled parts of the world. This ends with students and staff planting their own crosses of remembrance in our Garden of Remembrance.

As well as this service a range of activities happen across the Academy to help remember and to understand the work that the armed forces still do today. These have included physical activities, presentations and chances to see real or replica military equipment, including a full size Spitfire. The activities have been presented by many different branches of the Military, veteran organisations and historical re-enactment groups.

On Remembrance Day itself the whole Academy takes part in the national act of remembrance by observing the 2 minutes silence in the main ‘street’ of our school.

We will remember.

Remembrance Events 2017

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