Year 7 on a UNIventure!

Thirty Year 7 students had a great day out at Newcastle University on a cold and snowy Tuesday.

The aim of the day was to give our students a taste of university life so that they could see some of the opportunities and courses available, and sample the atmosphere that they could, one day, choose to be part of.

During the day students took part in four different activities – Amazing Animals (a Science taster activity looking at animal adaptations); Roving Reporters (an exploration of the university, its buildings and services); Trekking Treats (a Business and Enterprise taster activity where students designed and sold a new type of survival suit) and, finally, Canyon Crossings (an Engineering taster activity to design and build bridges). Some of these activities involved making presentations to a large audience – a difficult task which our students did impressively well with – with one of our Academy’s teams even winning a prize!

Every single student took a full part in all the activities with a smile on their faces and with an enthusiasm and determination that would be hard to beat! They were respectful and attentive to all the university staff and they came up with some very innovative ideas as well. Congratulations to all the students who took part – you were a SHINING example of Joseph Swan Academy students on a visit.

So, what did our students think of the day? Here are a few quotations from them below:

“Today was really good and I have learned that there are so many more courses than you think!”

“I learnt that I want to go to university when I’m older as it seems like a good opportunity!”

“My experience at the university today was very entertaining and it really encouraged me to want to go to university in the future and I also have a much better understanding of what university is and how much it matters to your future!”

“It was good and I really want to go to university!”