Year 9 Mission To Mars

On Tuesday the 10th of July we went on a trip with Mr Hodgson from the Technology Department. We went to Newcastle Racecourse that was holding a huge Northumbrian Water Event and took part in one of the events called Mission to Mars.

Activity 1

In this activity we used a Lego model of a robot that would be sent to Mars to explore the planet’s surface for research. We used programming software to give the robot instructions to drive forward, reverse and spin. We also used programs to make the robot autonomous and detect an obstacle in front of it, and for it to sense if it is moving over a certain colour on the ground. We also got free bags with water bottles in from the company Northumbrian Water.

Activity 2

This activity was in a separate room which included a laptop on each table for each pair. The woman at the front of the room talked about a program she had been working on with her team that helped to create the Bloodhound SSC. Bloodhound is a car which travels at 1000 miles per hour!  We had to program the Bloodhound to go as fast as possible.

We all really enjoyed the day and learned a lot about different types of programming and the jobs available when we leave school.

Bobbie & Chloe