Year 9 Visit to Newcastle Library

On 13th July, five eager Year 9 students got ready to explore what Newcastle University Library had to offer. On entering the library, the students and staff were all amazed by the sheer size but were quickly taken to the education centre.

During the morning students spent time looking at some of the oldest books the library had to offer, touching letters that Henry VIII himself wrote, and tracing a finger over Queen Victoria’s signature. Students then saw news articles written 200 years ago about the outbreak of cholera in Gateshead.

Students broke into teams and drew pictures of a body that they then had to add symptoms of cholera to – both teams did fantastically well, with the competition ending in a draw. Students then had to design their own medicine to combat cholera and present their ideas to the rest of the group, with a winner being voted for (well done Mrs Threadgall!).

Students then had the opportunity to explore the library, getting to see the vast expanse of resources it holds, seeing the different working areas, and even managing to stay silent across floors 3 and 4; the silent work areas!

After this tour, students were back in the education centre and another competition entitled ‘Pipes and Sewers’ (a version of snakes and ladders which included facts about the cholera outbreak) started. Students loved the game, and didn’t want it to end, but time was almost up and they moved on to the final quiz of the day, where all students managed to answer the question in order to ‘Save Granny’ from the outbreak of cholera.

Overall the day was fantastic, and everyone came away having learnt something new!