Year Team Contact Details

Year 7

Head of Year: Mrs A. Watson Ext: 219

Year 8

Head of Year: Mr G. Houston Ext: 211
HSLA*: Mr C. Kenyon Ext: 261

Year 9

Head of Year: Mrs K. Peverley Ext: 282
HSLA*: Mr C. Kenyon Ext: 208

Year 10

Head of Year: Mrs C. Beeckmans Ext: 202
HSLA*: Ms R. Forster Ext: 259

Year 11

Head of Year: Miss K. Allan Ext: 227
HSLA*: Miss C. Rodaway Ext: 281

Sixth Form

Head of Year: Mr P. Divers Ext: 241
HSLA*: Mrs A. Goddard Ext: 258


Attendance Manager: Miss L. Banjo Ext: 285

* Home School Liaison Assistant